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Lacoste Pour Homme Edt 100ML-Men
Description : He doesn’t care for silk ties, flashy motorbikes or the umpteenth App on the latest gadget - he’s the salt of the earth. Not one to accessorise as he follows some of the old-world masculine dictums, Lacoste Pour Homme is his only indulgence. A creation by Claude Dir, this rustic Eau De Toilette is made for the established brand of Lacoste. Opening with a top note of lush extracts of plum mixed with refreshing notes of apple, the sweet citrus of bergamot and tart notes of grapefruit. Moving into the heart of the fragrance, it merges the fragrant spice of cinnamon, sweet and spicy pink pepper, intense and resinous cardamom with the fruity spice of juniper. Descending into the base note, rich resinous labdanum along with exotic and fragrant notes of sandalwood, soothing and heavy musk, creamy vanilla, warming cedar are drizzled with sugary and heady notes of rum. This luxury fragrance bathes you in a naturally sensual aura, saluting the core values of masculinity. A sleek rectangular bottle, it glistens a hue of steel grey and also features a textured stopper. Made of crystal-clear glass, the bottle gleams on top of your dresser. A whiff of Lacoste Pour Homme and he embraces the raw spirit that makes him truly unique.
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