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Ben10 Laptop
Description : Ben10 English Learner Laptop exclusively for your little one. This Educational Laptop comes with multiple functionalities that makes learning a fun-filled affair. The battery operated laptop features LCD Screen, keypad and unique mouse control. With the help of this educational laptop, children can perform the following activities - * Learn Alphabets : The little ones become familiar with the alphabets and learn to pronounce them. They will learn to write capital and small letters. The little ones can find the letter. * Words : The child can learn spelling and pronunciation, Spelling test, Identification of pictures, Find the word. * Learning Numbers : Pronunciation and spelling of numbers, Write the numbers, Numbers identification (Visual), Number identification (verbal) * Learning Musical Notes : The little ones can play melodies, play musical notes, recognize musical notes (visual and verbal) * Games : Features games as - Catch falling objects, Find the match pair, Star shooting, Draw a picture and moreSize: 20x24 cm Let learning become the most joyous affair for your little kids in Chennai. Send this Ben10 Educational Laptop through along with other Gifts to Chennai and elate the little ones. Shipping Info : Ships within 3-4 working days.
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